Sylhet district information

Sylhet, Bangladesh - previously located in an old locality. Forestry, fisheries and mineral resources and natural beauty impregnated in the district known as the country's spiritual capital. Jaintiya wonderful mountain view, japhalam of beauty, a stone heap row bholaganjera tourists had pulled repeatedly. A large number of people living in different countries of the world economy in the country's large foreign currency sent to a special role. Sylhet stones, sand best in the country. Districts throughout the country's natural gas needs of the majority. The role of the end of the war of independence. The M, A, G Osmani the child. He Shahjalal (given), and he tipped Shah (given) of the Holy Mazar-Sharif is located in the district. Every year the arrival of large numbers of devout people of Mazar. That large numbers of tourists. Sylhet is a peculiarity in the local language,''concubine''in the language that is different from other regions. Sylhet haora winter season - we have filled it birds.

The region was brought under control after the 1767 brtisadera in Sylhet district, 177 are created and assigned as the first collector Mr. William t drink. Tense flow 1 (bar) in the Sylhet district consists of the current. The web portal of useful information you need here to attempt the. Several important government departments, resources, publications, education, agriculture, medical care, housing, tourism and related detailed information will have been inserted. The web portal will continue to further the process continues to be rich.

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