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Mughal capital, Dhaka, Bangladesh - The city's history of the era, but some gurutbadharana gain publicity for the Mughal era. 1610 khristabde Islam Khan, Bangladesh's capital rajamahala cisati subaha transferred from the emperor, and named after named of the Jahangirnagar. The name of the common people in the face of Jahangirnagar prasasanikabhabe namatii to be. The location of the pre-nadipathera - Mughal yugei local trade center was. Type of muslin, which was known as the High Quality sutibastra here. Continuation of the history of 195, 1966.1970's crop as the independent state of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971, and debuted as a profit. Dhaka, the capital of an independent sovereign state of political, administrative and economic activities, social, educational and cultural activities, the most important kendrarupe profit status. The web portal is a medium by which the district is no end to the world that the people of Dhaka district, and that any information you can directly inform the administration about the problem at will. Information technology, human welfare, the Web site century science will work.


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